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What is web application?

A web application or web app itself is an application software hosted and served from a remote server and can be run on browser. No matter which OS you are using but important factor is here Browser and server where web app is hosted. Not all websites are Web App. There are mainly two types of websites:

  1. Static Websites (Made with HTML, CSS and Javascript)
  2. Dynamic Websites (Made with HTML, CSS, Javascript and some scripting languages e.g. PHP and Database)

Dynamic websites are also known as a Web App. Any web app have two important parts:


It is the part of the web that you see and interact with . It is conists of HTML, CSS, Javascript/ Jquery, pictures and graphics. Web Browsers’s role is very important here to display the content. Usually Web Designers are responsible to build this part and it is called Web Design.


This part play very important role for any action and event of web app. It is combination of server, database and scripting languages e.g. PHP, .NET, ASP. When you give any input or command through browser’s window, this part do all the actions and give you output with help of frontend structure made with HTML, CSS and Javascript or Jquery. Web Developers or Backend Developers are responsible to build this part and it is called Web Development.

In a nutshell your browsers (Chrome, Opera or Safari) provide a platform to run any web app. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are some examples of web app. I hope your doubt is now clear.

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