About Edudew

Who we are?

Edudew is a dynamic online educational platform serving as a bridge between learners and trainers, revolutionizing the learning experience. Our platform facilitates both 'Online Live Virtual' and 'Offline Traditional Training/Teaching' mediums, catering to a diverse audience from school students to working professionals and beyond. Educators offer courses from academic to professional levels, catering to individuals from middle school to higher education degree or diploma. This platform is inclusive and designed for school students, college students, those preparing for competitive exams, working professionals, researchers, scientists, housewives, retired individuals, or anyone eager to pursue continuous learning.

What opportunities are there for Trainers/Tutors or Institutions?

Trainers, tutors, or institutions stand to seize a lucrative opportunity on our platform. Whether you're an independent tutor or part of an established institution, simply create your profile and showcase the courses and subjects you intend to offer. Enjoy the flexibility of offering both 'Live Virtual Training' and 'Traditional Training' for your courses, allowing you to reach diverse audiences in various locations.

Our platform empowers you to set unique parameters, such as venues, dates, and timings, catering to different geographical locations and learners. Gain access to a dedicated online e-Learning panel where you can seamlessly create your Online Virtual Class. Customize your class experience by enabling features like text chat, audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, documentation sharing, photo sharing, and video sharing, all integrated with our real-time White Board.

With the White Board functionality, you can write or draw using your mouse or touch-enabled devices like tablets, mobiles, or laptops. Anything created on the White Board is instantly visible to all class members in real time, providing an immersive learning experience. This flexibility allows learners to engage in real-time learning from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical attendance. You have the option to offer virtual-only classes or traditional physical classes, providing a versatile learning experience for your students.

What opportunities are there for Learners/Students or Course Seekers?

Edudew offers a diverse array of courses ranging from academic to professional, sourced from various course providers, trainers, and private tutors across different locations and schedules. Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, from any location and at any time that suits you. Whether you reside in a small town or village seeking quality education and expert tutors or you're a working professional aiming to attain an additional degree, diploma, or certificate, Edudew provides flexible options.

You now have the choice to either learn from the comfort of your home in real-time through our Live Virtual Class/Tuition or opt for a more traditional in-person learning experience. Parents can discover proficient tutors and reputable institutions for their children, offering both academic and extracurricular activity training programs.

What are the courses offered on Edudew?

We encompass a spectrum of educational offerings, ranging from academic to professional pursuits, including degree programs, diplomas, and certificates. Our diverse catalog extends beyond traditional courses, featuring extracurricular activities such as dancing, painting, music, cooking, and sports.

Explore a multitude of subjects, covering fields like Engineering, Medical, Management, Business, Computer Science, Software Training, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Music, Yoga, Food, Creative Arts, Film & TV, Photography, and Modeling. Our course offerings extend beyond these mentioned categories, as we also provide tailored training programs from various providers to meet the preferences and locations of our learners.