Edudew Online Quiz

Edudew Quiz is an interactive online quiz game where you not only increase and test your knowledge but also can win exciting cash prizes. This quiz game is played online with multiple participants simultaneously on every Sunday at 11:00 AM. Game can be played in Hindi and English both languages. You can change the language anytime from your account section.

  •   The questions will be in the form of multiple choice.
  •   30 seconds will be given for each question to answer.
  •   You have to answer all the 30 questions whether it is wrong or right.
  •   You will be provided with two lifelines, namely, '50-50' and 'Switch The Question', which you can use anytime throughout the game.
  •   You can quit the game anytime but you will be opt out from the Winner List.
  •   Answer your question as fast as you can. Quick and correct answer does matter in Winner List.
  •   Your score and winner result will be available at the end of this quiz contest!
  •   Top 5 winners will be awarded with certificate and cash prizes.

Download the Edudew Quiz App from Play Store. Now refer your friends and family members and earn ₹5 you and your friend/family member both for each referer.

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