What is Edudew?

Edudew is an online B2B educational platform and works like a breeze between learners and trainers. We make your learning and teaching experience easier by providing our 'Online Live Virtual' and 'Offline Traditional Training/Teaching' medium. Trainers or institutions offer courses in academic to professional both ranging from middle school to higher education degree or diploma. This platform is for all of those whether they are school students, college students, preparing for competitive exams, working professionals, researchers, scientists, housewives, retired persons or want to learn new things always.

What opportunities are there for Trainers/Tutors or Institutions?

You have a very good opportunity to earn money by using our platform from anyplace. Thousands of students/learners/parents are looking for different type of courses, tuition and training on Edudew. You can offer your tuition/courses in both medium either Online or Offline.You will be provided a separate online e-Learning panel where you can create your Online Virtual Class. You can set and enable different parameters and privileges for your class e.g. text chat, audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, documentation sharing, photo sharing and videos sharing with our real time White Board. In the White Board you can write or draw anything with the help of your mouse or finger touch if you have any touch enabled device like tablet, mobile or laptop. Anything you will write or draw on this White Board can be seen by all of the class members who are attending that class in real time. Your learners will feel real learning experience from anywhere without attending a physical tuition. You have options whether you want your learners/students to join only virtual class or physical class where students will come and attend the class or tuition.

What opportunities are there for Learners/Students or Course Seekers?

Edudew provides wide range of course from academic to professional from various course providers / trainers or private tutors in different locations and time. You have now freedom to learn from anywhere, anyplace and anytime as per your convenience whether you are from small town or village and looking for quality education and expert tutors or already working professionals and want to earn any extra degree, diploma or certificate. You have now options whether you want to learn from your home in real time with our Live Virtual Class/Tuition or want to join Tradition Class/Tuition. Parents can also find good tutors and institutions for their children in academic or in extracurricular activity training programme.

How and when do i get paid once students/course seekers subscribe my courses/tuition?

In case of courses or training, students will subscribe your courses and we will hold money in escrow fund until successful completion of each course or training. We will keep 20% of commission and then release the rest of money to you. In case of private tuition you will get your money on monthly basis. You are free to set your own monthly tuition fee on Edudew. You can post your own tuition description and curriculum and students on Edudew will subscribe your courses or tuition.