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Artificial Intelligence can write a code itself in the the near future

This is the big thing going to be happen in the next level of AI. Other possibilities are when AI will create AI and digital human cloning including voice, brain and emotions.

AI is rapidly growing and some big ventures are heavily investing in this field including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Amazon. I have done very deep research on Google and you will be surprised that today Google have approx 90% of total employees are robots. Google have only approx 100K real employees count worldwide as of 2018. Even Amazon have bigger figure and total 600K employees are working worldwide. Google completely rely on their AI robots and their big community support.

In upcoming days many jobs are going to be replaced by the automated AI bots or robots. Last days China have launched world’s first digital AI news anchor however it has some limitations which can be improved. So no doubt very soon these AI anchors will end up replacing real anchors.

These will be some pros and cons of automated AI programmer/coders in the future.


  • Almost bugs free applications
  • Reduce time of coding
  • Can do coding without taking break 24/7
  • Coding efficiency can be improved over the time with it’s machine learning algorithms


  • AI can not do 100% creative and superior coding itself as compare to real human programmers
  • AI can not produce perfectly unique applications
  • AI will have definitely some coding limitations and they can not go beyond these limitations

AI coders are the next big revolutions in IT industries but real coders will be always in demand. AI coder can act as a helper of programmer and can reduce the coding time and bugs in the applications. AI can be used as an application tester and will help the real coder to locate and fixing the bugs in the application very quickly.

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