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Differences between a full-stack developer and a back-end developer

The different types of people having different skill sets are required to develop an application or software. Every person in the team has their own role and they do their job as per their skills and role in that particular project. In short there are many people involved to develop a single software or application.

Usually these kind of people required to develop a software or app as mentioned below:

  1. Project Manager: They are responsible to manage the whole team. Project manager know how to use the available resources, person in that project in given budget and time frame with perfection and good management skills. They are usually involves throughout the project from starting to end. Project manager is a kind of team leader in any software development project, so their role and duty pays much more important role in any project. Their responsibility is to organize the whole team in any adverse condition and finish the project within time frame.
  2. Business Analyst: Business Analyst is a kind of bridge between Information Technology (IT) and Business Stakeholders. So good verbal and written communication skills are required for such a job profile. Their main task is to calculate and analyse the sales, productivity and profit in different aspect.
  3. System Admin: System Admin plays a very important role to prepare and setup any computer or server so that all the necessary software or application can run properly to build and run that particular software or app. They are responsible to install third party applications, necessary tools, operating system as well as to prepare and setup the environment to run all the necessary programming languages and database. They are also responsible for server security management, domain management, hosting management, router configuration and other kind of networking related tasks.
  4. Front-end Developer: This is a visible part of any software or app by which any user directly interact with. This is also called Graphical User Interface or GUI. The people who develops such a part of software called Front-end Developer or Front-end Designer. HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS are known as front-end tools or front-end scripting languages because these usually directly communicate with user. Front-end Developers are responsible to develop user friendly, attractive, smooth and quick software interface so that available system resource can be fully utilized with great look and feels.
  5. Back-end Developer: If we consider a front-end development as a human body then we can call the back-end development as a brain in that body. All the three main important parts server, applications and database are included in back-end. In the front-end application runs and executes on user’s side on their devices whereas in the back-end some part of the program or app runs and execute on their related servers. Only raw output sent back by the back-end and later application or software processes and execute in a good and formatted way at the user end or front-end. PHP, .NET, Python, JAVA and Ruby are some examples of back-end programming languages. Apart from these, knowledge of some database programming such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB are essential for Back-end Developers.
  6. Software Tester: Once the software or application is ready then the next and last step is to test and deploy the software or app. Software Testers run and test the applications in all aspects and environments so that the software can be made bug free before the final launching. If there is any issue occurred during testing then they instantly inform to the Back-end and Front-end Developer so that developers can fix that bugs or issues.

So we see there are so many people involves with different skill sets to develop any application or software. It would be nice if only one person could have done all these things. Is there anyone who can do all these tasks himself/herself without taking help of anyone? Yes it is! We know them as a Full-stack Developer. These kind of people also known as an all rounder in software development field. They usually handle all types of job profile work such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Admin, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer and Software Testing. These types of people are highly in demand these days by the small and middle level companies because these not only help the companies in cost cutting but also help to develop any software or app in quick and easy way. Full stack developer are getting very high pay scale as compare to normal front-end or back-end developers. Anyone can very easily start their own freelance business also from home if they are a full-stack developer or they are familiar with all the area of software development field.

To become a full-stack developer one has to learn a lots of things related to programming and software. You will have to aware and updated with latest technologies and tools. You will have to have a very keen knowledge of different programming languages, tools, different client devices, servers, networking, system hardware, business fundamentals and client preference like things.

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