Front End Web Development


Course Description

Today statics websites are very demanding. There are many individuals and companies are looking to have their own websites. These are very popular, instant and easy medium to communicate with users, customers or clients. One can easily express themselves to the world with their information, products and services. But now the question is how to design or develop such websites?

This course is designed for newbie who doesn't have any knowledge of Web Designing with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Javascript. Int this course we will cover all the Front-end web designing techniques and tools in very details. You will know all the processes, steps and technologies involved to design a static websites. You can start designing beautiful, fast, static, highly professional, modern website using the latest technologies and tools. At the end of the course you will be able to design and launch modern beautiful websites by yourself without taking any help.

What will your achieve at the end of this course and what will be able to do?

  • You can setup web hosting and will be able to do some basic hosting and server management.
  • Confidently you will be able to design and deploy your websites.
  • You will be able to use Twitter Bootstrap to design responsive websites on different devices and platforms.
  • You will be able to save some useful profile details and information of your user at the client side with local storage database.

What is the scope and future after completing this course?

  • Top demanding sectors are Web Designing, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing. 
  • Top demanding jobs are Front-end Web Developer, Web Designer, Web Marketing Analyst and UI Designer.
  • Work as a freelancer and earn very decent income at home or start your own Web Designing company.

Free 1 Week Trial Class!

Edudew  is giving free one week trial class to all of the students who enrolls in this course. Once you satisfied then you can purchase the course. If you had paid already then full money will be refunded till the first week.

Course Structure

1st Week:

1. Introduction and Course Overview (Duration: 120 minutes)

  • Know everything about Internet, Web, Web Pages, Websites, Browsers, www Protocol, Hyperlink, SEO and DNS
  • Know about Web Design, Web Development and Web Applications
  • Introduction to Clients and Servers
  • Know about Domain, Web Server and Hosting
  • Website GUI, Front-end and Back-end introduction, comparisons and uses

2. Setup, Installation and knowledge of necessary tools and software (Duration: 120 minutes)

  • Setup and Installation of XAMPP server
  • Installation of NetBeans IDE
  • Installation of Notepad++, Geany and Brackets code editor
  • Installation of FileZilla FTP client
  • Installation of Node.js & Git

2nd Week:

3. Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML / HTML5) (Duration: 240 minutes)

  • Introduction to HTML and HTML5
  • Know about HTML editor tools and IDE
  • Learn Basic of HTML
  • HTML Building Blocks
  • HTML Tags,  Element and Attributes
  • HTML Formatting,  Headings and  Paragraphs
  • HTML Colors, Anchor, Links and Images
  • HTML Tables Design and Formatting
  • HTML List, Ordered List, Unordered List and Description List
  • HTML Form, Input and attributes
  • HTML Quotations, Formatting and Styles
  • HTML Comments
  • HTML IdHTML iframes
  • HTML JavaScript
  • HTML Head and File Path
  • HTML Formatting and Page Layout
  • HTML Responsive Layout and Design
  • HTML Computercode, Entities, Symbols and Chaset
  • HTML URL Encode  HTML and HTML5 Tags
  • HTML Audio, Video Canvas and SVG
  • Introduction to HTML API
  • Drag & Drop
  • Geolocation
  • Web Storage
  • Introduction to XHTML
  • Differences between HTML and XHTML
  • XHTML Syntax, Events, Docktypes and Attributes

3rd Week:

4. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) (Duration: 240 minutes)

  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS implementation using Internal, External and Inline
  • CSS Colors and Background
  • CSS Borders, Margins and Paddings
  • CSS Width, Height and Box Model
  • CSS Outline, Text and Fonts
  • CSS Icons, Links and Lists
  • CSS Table Design
  • CSS Display Properties
  • CSS Max-Width and Min-Width
  • CSS Position, Overflow, Float and Inline Block
  • CSS Alignments
  • CSS Combinatiors
  • CSS Pseudo Class and Elements
  • CSS OpacityCSS Navigation Bar and Dropdown Menu
  • CSS FormsCSS Rounded Corners
  • CSS Border Images
  • CSS Background and Colors
  • CSS Gradient and Shadows
  • CSS Text Effects and Web Fonts
  • CSS 2D and 3D Transform
  • CSS Transitions and Animations
  • CSS Style Images
  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS PaginationCSS Layouts and Tables
  • CSS User Interface

4th Week:

5. Bootstrap (Duration: 120 minutes)

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grid Basic
  • Bootstrap Typography
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Images
  • Bootstrap Jombotron
  • Bootstrap Wells
  • Bootstrap Alert
  • Bootstrap Button and Button Groups
  • Bootstrap Glyphicons
  • Bootstrap Badges and Lables
  • Bootstrap Progress Bars
  • Bootstrap Pagination
  • Bootstrap Pager
  • Bootstrap List Group
  • Bootstrap Panels
  • Bootstrap Dropdown
  • Bootstrap Collapse
  • Bootstrap Tabs
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Inputs
  • Bootstrap Media Objects
  • Bootstrap Carousel
  • Bootstrap Modal
  • Bootstrap Tooltip
  • Bootstrap Popover
  • Bootstrap Scrollspy
  • Bootstrap Affix
  • Bootstrap Filters
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Templates

6. JavaScript (Duration: 120 minutes)

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Output and execution of JavaScript  JavaScript Variable & Global Variable
  • JavaScript Comments JavaScript Data Types
  • JavaScript  Operators
  • JavaScript If Statements
  • JavaScript Switch
  • JavaScript Loop
  • JavaScript Function
  • Implementation of JavaScript
  • Introduction to JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Array
  • JavaScript String
  • JavaScript Date, Match, Number and Boolean
  • JavaScript Browser Object or BOM
  • Windows, Screen and Location BOM
  • History, Navigator, Popup Alert, Timing & Cookies
  • JavaScript Document Object or DOM
  • getElementById, getElementsByName, getElementsByTagName Inner HTML and Inner Text Properties
  • JavaScript Form and Validations
  • JavaScript OOPs
  • JavaScript Class, Object and Prototype
  • JavaScript Constructor and Static Method

5th & 6th Week:

7. Live Projects & wrap up everything (Duration: 480 minutes)

  • Start Designing your own web pages
  • Setting up live Web Server
  • Web Hosting Control Panel Training
  • Know about different types of Server Control Panel e.g. cPanel, Plesk, Webmin and Virtualmin
  • Setting up Email, Domain and Virtual Servers
  • Work with FileZilla FTP client
  • Work with Putty SSH client
  • Some useful commands

Course Eligiblity

  • Basic Creativity and Imagination
  • Good Knowledge of Computer
  • Minimum qualification is 10+2, however preferred Bachelor's degree holder
  • Should have own Laptop or Desktop with Web Camera, Microphone and Optical Mouse
  • It would be great if you have Tablets or Smart Phone
  • Should have good Internet Connection
  • Low noise or sound proof room or place

Course Venue / Schedule



Virtual Class (Weekend)


22 May 2021 to 27 Jun 2021


05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


INR 5,501

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